When there is nothing, the ghosts appear to fill the emptiness

Siri Hustvedt

An absent father; a file latent for decades that could erupt and reveal many unknowns. I found by chance their negatives, locked up under lock and key: images that were forbidden to us. Photography as a bridge.

I question the identity of all those who appear in the images. Another twist, more mysteries, enigmatic beings.

Diving in the negatives, I immerse myself to the microscopic in an attempt to discover some answer. Such an approach generates greater ignorance, his photography speaks in a language that I do not know how to interpret. There is no translation, not even translators. If you do not talk about it, it does not exist.

The torrent of magma has remained in a simple smoke. Smoke that blinds the eyes, which envelopes in a fog of uncertainty. Photography can build bridges, but in this case, it has only brought distortion and confusion.

A story by Allan Poe, unfinished.

EFTI: http://efti.es/noticias/xavier-martos

This work was exposed in the collective exhibition “Y nuestros rostros, mi vida, breves como fotos” from December, 1st to January 11th, 2018.

Y nuestros rostros, mi vida, breves como fotos