Uprooting is for the human being a frustration that, in one way or another, atrophies the clarity of his spirit

Pablo Neruda

Loss of loved ones. Exodus. Absolute corruption of human life. Being torn from the root of your life. Transplanted to another environment. Abandoned in other lands to your fate.

You have nothing left, only the body that holds you barely. It is not only that you have taken your life. It is also the pitiful journey that will take you to a new and unknown scene. Ulysses syndrome. Your journey will be lonely, not like the heroes, even if you are surrounded by other ghostly beings like you.

Ithaca, your kingdom, that place where everyone else lives, where everyone else speaks your same language. Your Ithaca has become, in a tragic and unexpected way, in that place to which it is impossible to return.

If you can not return, will it be feasible to re-root in another port? You wonder if roots so damaged could come to live again and walk again.